Smart Home Automation

stock-photo-21599644-luxury-villa-interiorHome automation is about more than just having “one remote to rule them all” or putting in a whole house audio system.  Home automation is about having an automated home that takes care of itself and the daily mundane details.  An automated home is about gaining freedom and choice.  Your freedom to choose what you want to do with your day because many small tasks are being taken care of for you.

Glorified Remote Control

Most automation systems are used as a glorified remote control, but imagine a system, your system, that uses your outlook calendar to set your alarm clock for the correct time and then wakes you up with your favorite song while the weather report shows on the touch screens at your bed side; guiding your day and helping you pick your clothing accordingly. Imagine walking out the door in morning and having a helpful notification reminding you to take your umbrella if needed.

stock-photo-20336728-interiorAll these small details can be ready and waiting to help you live your life.  That’s just the beginning of what smart home automation is all about.

Let PCR Designs help you pick the right automation solution and create advanced workflows to make your life easier.